Mar 28

OAHN – Poultry Producer Report

The Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN) has created a poultry producer recorded report, on avian influenza.  Avian influenza is sweeping the world this year, so we’ve compiled the most up to date information you need to know to protect your flock.

Check out our short OAHN podcast (audio report) for commercial poultry producers, featuring quick and handy tips for producers on the go.  We have interviewed Dr. Tom Baker, Feather Board Command Centre.  He talks about the new strain of avian influenza this year, and what commercial producers in Ontario need to know.

Never listened to a podcast before?  It’s so easy, your poultry could listen!  Click the link to the podcasts:

SMALL FLOCK: Listen to the podcast – Click here now

and press the play button, which looks like this: 

You’re set! You can listen from your phone, tablet or desktop.  This is our first commercial podcast for producers, so if you liked this format, let us know atoahn@uoguelph.ca  If you have trouble connecting, email us at the same email.


Melanie Barham DVM, PMP
Ontario Animal Health Network Coordinator