County Farm Centre’s fuel territory encompasess Napanee and area, Warkworth, Campbelford, Madoc area and Prince Edward County. With 3 petroleum trucks and a propane truck to service the area, you never have to worry  about your delivery.

Tim Davey, our fuel manager is available to discuss your needs in regards to home heat, farm and commercial fuels. We also carry a complete line of lubricants. Our drivers are courteous and go the extra mile to deliver your products, and we offer budget programs available for home heat.

Jamie Lynn in our Foxboro office and Pat in our Picton office provide great knowledge and service in our fuel department.


Dieselex Gold


If you’re using Dieselex® Gold, your diesel fuel is providing you with the best power, efficiency and protection available for diesel engines today.

Dieselex Gold helps save fuel and save money. When your filters and injectors are clean, your engine produces  maximum power and peak efficiency.  Dieselex Gold contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, fuel stabilizers and moisture control chemistry to keep your fuel clean and flowing freely.

Combined with the detergency that keeps injectors clean, it all adds up to improved efficiency. In fact, our test fleet showed a 5.7% gain in fuel efficiency. Depending on the price of fuel, that can equate significant savings per litre!



Propane is a clean burning, environmentally friendlier alternative to conventional petroleum based fuels. County Farm Centre’s propane is a HD5 automotive quality product. It is suitable for automotive, industrial, commercial, farm, recreational or heating uses.


Delivery Service Area Map