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Precision Agronomy

banner_precision-agWhat is precision agriculture?Field Monitor in cab

By now, most farmers have heard the term “precision agriculture” and still there is a lot of confusion surrounding this term and what it means.

Precision agriculture is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to collected crop data.

Essentially, precision agriculture is using technology to record farming activities and use that data to make better decisions in the future.

Precision agriculture is comprised of many components.  These can be used individually or in conjunction depending on your requirements.

How Does Precision Ag Work?

This can be a complicated question depending who you ask.  The thing to remember is that precision agriculture is a farming system or concept, not one specific technology.

Grid Soil Sampling

Soil sampling is where it all begins.  Traditionally, composite samples are taken from a field and mixed together. This sample only represents a small area of the entire field.

Soil Test Results

Now, with precision agriculture, we can grid sample a field.  Samples are taken every 2.5 acres in grid formation.  Once the samples are analyzed in a lab, we receive a digitized map of the results. This displays nutrient levels across the entire field allowing us to pinpoint nutrient deficient areas and determine the cause.

Field Computers (Yield Monitors)

Field MonitorField computers are becoming commonplace in farming hardware. They record yield, moisture,
speed, location, direction, elevation, area covered and a dozen other parameters.

This data is the bread and butter of precision agriculture.  The data collected can be compared to a previous years’ yield, soil samples, planting population maps, aerial photos, etc.  These comparisons can bring unknown problems to light so they can be addressed.

In the beginning, these devices were cumbersome and difficult to use. Modern devices are much easier to operate. Jobs can be started in a few taps.

Software uses data captured in the field to create a yield map. Yield levels are displayed as a colour scale from red to green. Green representing high yield and red, poor.

 Variable-Rate Prescriptions

After a field has been grid sampled, nutrient deficient areas are identified. Computer software targets these areas and creates a prescription file. The prescription is loaded into our applicators and fertilizer is applied at the right rate and at the right location. Better for your crops and better for the environment.

County Farm Centre’s RoleYield Map

County Farm Centre will work with you to find the best solution for your growing requirements. These are the precision services we provide:

  • Grid Soil Sampling
  • Combine yield and moisture calibration
  • Yield map and soil test analysis
  • Planting population prescriptions
  • Fertilizer application prescriptions
  • Field boundary mapping
  • Training on precision ag technology and software

At County Farm Centre, we want to see our customers become more profitable and to do that they need to increase yield by investing the right dollars in the appropriate place. We help them achieve that.

We would love to meet with you and discuss your needs. Contact Lucas to schedule an appointment.