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Nov 09

Grower Pesticide Safety Course – February 9th and March 9th

Sep 19

Fall Cutting Alfalfa

Sep 15

Obsolete pesticide & livestock medicine collection – September 30th

Aug 30

Canada Outdoor Farm Show – Xtend Stewardship Practices

Aug 11

Drought-stressed Corn Silage Management

Managing your corn silage in a drought year needs some extra care. Test your corn for moisture, it may be different than what you think. Zero out a scale with a paper plate on top. Weigh 100 gm of silage onto paper plate. Put silage in microwave and gradually dry. At regular increments take silage …

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Aug 02

Free BMR silage webinar

Become a BMR silage expert Join us for a free BMR webinar on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. EST. Spend an hour with our BMR experts Tim Borho and Devin Brennan for tips to maximize the value of your silage investment. We’ll cover: When your silage is ready for harvest based …

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Jul 28

Healthy Soils Check-up Program

Are you thinking about planting cover crops?  Be sure to check out this program and potentially get some grant money to cover part of the cost of the seed while at the same time helping improve watershed health. 2016 Healthy Soil brochure For more information go to:

Jul 25

Forage Options Following Wheat

For more information on the subject Joel has also written : Summer Seeding Oats For Forage Check out Joel’s blog at  

Jul 11

What’s bugging you?

What’s Bugging You? Another unfortunate symptom of the dry weather is lots of insect activity.  Bugs love feeding on plants already under stress. Keep on the lookout for: 1) Soybean aphids 2) Two-spotted spider mites 3) Potato Leafhopper   Aphids on the underside of a soybean leaf. The first place to check your soybean crop …

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Jul 09

Potash & Boron deficiency

Potash & Boron deficiency Due to the dry weather there are nutrient deficiency showing up in fields.   Boron deficiency in alfalfa. The deficiency symptoms show up in the new leaves.  Boron is not mobile within the plant.   Potash deficiency in soybeans   Deficiency symptoms show up on older leaves.  Potassium is mobile in …

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