Animal Nutrition

We pride ourselves in using on-the-farm products first. Our supplements and minerals are top quality with years of research behind each product – our milk replacers are second to none.

As our business grew, it became evident that a dedicated individual was required for feed sales. In spring of 2015, County Farm Centre hired Dave McGee to fill this position. Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him and has become a valued member of the CFC team.

moo-cowA feed analysis is performed for hay/haylage on the farm and then entered into a customized feed program. Rumen available protein and rumen available carbohydrates, energy, protein and minerals are all taken into account to give the farmer a complete feed program so that he can optimize his livestock’s production.

  • Dairy – range of starters, supplements, complete rations, minerals, and salts
  • Beef – selection of salts, minerals and protein sources for your herd
  • Sheep – top quality milk replacers, starters and supplements
  • Equine – extensive line of horse feed and supplies: MasterFeeds, Watermill, Lake Country

Trained staff work along with Mike Ingram, Master Feeds Account Manager, to provide the farmer with top quality service and products. Grain marketing to our feed plants is another service offered to our customers.


To get more information on our products or feed programs, contact: Dave McGee
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